We are the Wolverine Tutors

We are an undergraduate ignited organization at the University of Michigan that aims to utilize technology to tutor and mentor middle & high school students. We strive to motivate our students to pursue post-secondary education and relieve educational disparities through technology and personal mentoring.


We want to develop a personal and positive relationship with high school students seeking academic improvement, encouraging them to pursue further education and gain self-confidence in the classroom.


We want to demonstrate the importance of technology in an evolving learning process and use it to make education more accessible to students.


We want to see academic improvements in our students in the subjects of Math, Science, English and Writing. We also want to see higher college matriculation rates.

What we can do for you:

    • Be available 8 am – 12 am every day of the week during the school year to answer your forum questions
    • Message you directly about homework and college applications
    • Edit your essays 1-3 days after they are submitted on our site

Wolverine Tutors is part of a national organization, Learn to Be. Go to their site for virtual classroom tutoring, video chatting, and weekly individual sessions with a tutor of your choice!

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